How to do Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting: Blog Commenting - A Practical Guide for Bloggers
Here at Javed's SEO, we have been learning about Blogging & SEO for a long time and one of the most asked question and discussed topic here is backlink building. No matter what, apart from OnPage SEO, backlink plays an important role in the ranking of your site. Harsh has shared the strategy of article marketing campaign to build backlinks, which is no doubt very effective, but it requires time. So, we will see another easy way to generate back links.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to a new or old website. In fact, an effective blog commenting strategy will ensure that your backlink graph remains constant or even increases over time.

Blog Commenting: Blog Commenting - A Practical Guide for Bloggers
However, when it comes to making the most of your blog commenting strategy, here are a few things we're talking about:
  • build rapport
  • create backlinks
  • driving traffic
We've already covered this, and you can quickly go through the importance of blog commenting in case you missed it. Today, we will look at the strategy of building backlinks in blog comments. And yes, there is a big difference between commenting on every blog and blogging with SEO in mind. The idea here is to generate more backlinks in order to improve page rank, domain authority and MozRank.

Getting started with the blog commenting strategy:

In this strategy, we will learn how to quickly find and comment on the right blogs. I would advocate WordPress blogs mostly because WordPress makes it easy to comment on the default commenting system. I would like to suggest you to add easy comment to your comment email address and also can get gravatar.

Finding the best blogs to comment on:

First of all, I ask you, which is the right blog to comment? Briefly tell me. Blog should have these features.
  • Must be an active, authority blog.
  • Must be prestigious.
  • This is a must have hub for serious webmasters in your niche.
  • Must have a good page rank.
  • follow? Excellent! No-follow, it still holds value. Comment on this.
  • Keyword Love Enabled
  • Comment Luv Enabled
  • Top Commenters Dofollow Widget
  • Recent Comments Widget
Whenever you are on a mission - keep this blog-list in mind. You can always use Google to search blog comments. How To Do It Use some of these phrases to find out the best from the web.
  • "Commenting on the High PR Blog."
  • "High PR blogs tend to comment."
  • "High PR Blogs Using the CommentLuv / KeywordLuv Plugin".
how to find the right post to comment on
If you are on a follow up blog please correct me if I am wrong, you are here for some high PR follow up backlinks. isn't it? Please go ahead, here's how.
  • Look for the Popular Posts Widget or the Most Commented Posts Widget. Select a blog post from the widget, make sure the selected blog post has a high page rank. Select blog posts to comment on accordingly. Usually you'll find the perfect high PR blog post to comment on. It is not the page rank of the blog homepage that is doing the work for you. It is an independent page rank of that particular blog post which will help you to get back-links of your blog.
  • Although you can comment on these posts, get back-links, if and only if, your only objective is to get back-links. But, for healthy discussion and huge rush of web traffic, it is advisable to comment on fresh blog posts as well, but to do so, you must know how to be the first one to post comment on a blog-post. Well back to the point.
  • If none of the widgets are present, see the blog archive. Now, Greasy Elbows are all you need to find the perfect blog post to comment on. Let us know that the overall blog page rank is 7. After this there should be some blog post, in which page rank is less than the overall page rank of that blog. Meaning, find a blog post with at least a page rank of 6 and proceed to read and comment.
  • What, even the blog archive is missing! Keep navigating through the blog posts until you find the right blog post to comment on. Keep the above mentioned points in mind to find the right blog post, follow the high PR one. Same tricks can also be applied to find no-follow blogs to comment on the same.

Now you are all set to get quality web traffic, high PR back-links and a killer reputation in the blogging community. So that was a quick and concise practical guide to Blog Commenting. Got something worth debating, lets discuss via comments.

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