How to write SEO friendly content?

 Do you want to write SEO friendly content? Well, it is an art that can take your blog or your writing career to the next level.

Anyone can write an article, but writing SEO optimized articles takes special kind of practice.

In this article, I will share some tips for writing SEO-optimized articles that will rank better in search engines.

While writing these SEO friendly articles, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

Writing SEO-Optimized Articles:

Start with research:

If you really want to make a difference for yourself or your customers, without research, you're just shooting in the dark.

In this step, you need to determine a few things:

  • keywords to target
  • article length
  • type of article
  • Analyze existing articles for outlines
  • people ask questions

Do yourself a favor and get a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRUSH first. They both offer trial which will help you to do better research on your topic and proper optimization of keywords. These tools will help you understand what is the right keyword to target.

type of material:

Also, put your target keywords into a Google search to see what types of articles are currently ranking. This is part of the research and will help you understand what kind of article Google understands better for such queries.

Article Length:

Use a free tool like SEO Rambler to find out what is the typical length of articles ranking for your target keywords. This gives you an idea of ​​how long your article should be to have a chance to rank on the first page.

As shown in the above screenshot, the first-page average term for my target keyword is 2445 and the average for the top three is 3576. I would naturally make sure that my SEO optimized article should be at least 3600+ words.

Ok, once we are ready with these figures, it is time to create an outline.

Analyze the top 10 results for your target keywords. I know it's a lot of work but again, SEO writing is not easy and hence the #1 ranking.

People also ask:

How to write SEO friendly content?

Search for your target keyword in Google search and it will show a section called "People to Ask Also".

Pick questions that make sense with the intent of your article and answer them in your article. But, don't stop here, because when you click on any one question, Google will add more questions after that.

This is a smart way to ensure your smartly optimized content answers what people are looking for.

Ok, now it is time to start writing and optimizing your article for SEO.

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