What is Technical SEO, and its benefits

So what exactly does technical SEO refer to? Does it somehow connect the on-page factors with the off-page factors? Partly actually, partly…

Technical SEO deals with all SEO activities except content optimization and link building. In simple words, it follows search engine requirements to improve crawling. These requirements are constantly changing and becoming more complex to keep up with search engines, which are becoming more and more sophisticated each day. So we can say that technical SEO is in a constant state of refinement.

Technical SEO needs to be optimized to build the necessary foundation that provides your content and links with the best possible marketing environment so that you can shine in the search engine results without any hindrance.

What is Technical SEO, and its benefits

Technical seo elements

1. Website Speed
Even behemoths like Amazon found that every 100 ms of page load time decreased sales by one percent. Earlier this year, Brian Dean said that page load speed -- the time it takes for content on a page to fully display -- is among the top ten SEO ranking factors. He described this in his killer case study that analyzed over a million Google search results.

2. Mobile Friendly
Mobile-friendliness is another element of technical SEO, and it's just as important as website speed.

It was April 2015 when Google rolled out an algorithm update referred to by many experts as "MobileGeddon". MobileGeddon, which grew out of Armageddon, greatly influenced the way Google ranked websites in search results. It literally ended the desktop era and ushered in a new era of mobile search.

Since that day, being mobile friendly has played an important factor in how a website performs in mobile search, especially for local results.

3. Site Architecture
The following super important element of technical SEO is shaping a savvy site architecture that is also SEO friendly. We have done a great post on this on our blog written by Adam Tanguy: 9 Effective Site Architecture Tips for SEO

In that piece, Adam recommends how to structure an SEO-friendly site architecture. He discusses the importance of a robots.txt file; a sitemap; a clear and consistent URL structure; and secure browsing. In other words, use https:// instead of http://, breadcrumbs, and more.

4. Structured Data Markup
Another element of technical SEO is structured data – rich snippets.
Obviously, Google can identify the type of resource you have by looking at its content and on-page optimization, but rich snippets will bring it to the next level and help the search engine a ton!

What are rich snippets? You can see rich snippets in search results when you type in a specific query. For example, ask your search engine: how to make ricotta cheesecake or simply type in ricotta cheesecake.

5. Duplicate Content
Technical SEO also refers to website errors and how to avoid them. Duplicate content is a serious technical SEO problem that can cause you a lot of trouble. be aware of that!

How to write SEO friendly content?

To give you more background, I would like to remind you of the first pandas algorithm update in 2011. The first Panda update targets low quality content and duplicate content issues. Google constantly controls the quality of resources on the web and does not hesitate to penalize websites that appear spammy.

Do you have a question referring to Technical SEO? Feel free to ask us via comment below.

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